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Frequently Asked Questions


1.0 Is the use of a photograph free?

No, in all cases, the conditions of use of a photograph are always defined by a license agreement.
A license agreement is a legal document that contains the terms and conditions under which a photograph can be used.
To use a photograph, a license agreement is mandatory in all cases. Even for private and non-commercial use and/or without remuneration.

2.0 How to obtain a license?

A license contract is sent to you as soon as you acquire one or more photographs.
Any request of acquisition of photography or question about the contracts of license, can be addressed to us directly via our page of Contact.
Any use of a photograph must be defined by a license agreement.

3.0 I have licensed one or more photographs, what are my rights?

The totality of your rights are described in the license agreement.
The license agreement is a document which is systematically provided to you at the time of the acquisition of one or several photographs.
The license agreement is a legal document, it is your responsibility to keep it in order to enforce your rights on the photographs concerned.

4.0 How much does a photograph cost?

The price of a photograph depends on many factors such as, for example, the type, the duration or the geolocation of the use made of it.
That’s why each price is calculated according to a specific request.

5.0 Are all your photographs for sale?

No, some photographs are available for sale in digital form, others only in print form, others only for the pleasure of the eyes.
The photographs available for sale as prints are all available on the JULS Art website.
Any request for acquisition or mandate can be made via our Contact page.

6.0 Where to buy prints?

All photographs available as prints are available on the website JULS Art.

7.0 Can I share a photo already published on social networks?

Yes and no. You can share an image already published by its author, but not repost it.
The sharing function must be available on the social network used (e.g. Facebook). This function allows you to share a publication while keeping a link to the original publication of the author.
Reposting a photograph, i.e. downloading, copying or capturing it and reposting it on your website or social network requires a license agreement. Reposting a photograph without the written permission of its author constitutes a copyright infringement, it is systematically denounced and the relative costs charged.

8.0 Can I use a photograph already available on the internet?

No, a photograph available on social networks or on any other website has already been the subject of a licensing agreement.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to know the conditions of use of a particular image.

9.0 Can you be commissioned to produce images in any country?

In principle, yes. However, all contracts are concluded exclusively in Switzerland.
The place of jurisdiction, taxes and currencies are therefore linked to Switzerland.

10.0 I still have questions...

First, please make sure you have read this entire FAQ.
Then, please read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy carefully.
Please visit the JULS Art website for everything related to purchasing prints.
If you have any questions that are not answered in the above, please do not hesitate to contact us.